Consolidating the gains of the Africa Trade Union Development Network to improve the coordination and effectiveness of trade union development cooperation activities

20th - 21st June 2017 Abuja
Keywords : Nigeria

The Africa Trade Union Development Network (ATUDN) steering committee organised in Abuja, Nigeria from the 20th to the 21st of June 2017, their annual meeting to evaluate, plan and coordinate the work of the network.
This meeting was to help members take stock of the work done this far, plan and coordinate the future work of the network and to proffer an opportunity for orienting all the members to the SDGs monitoring tool/template that has been developed by the TUDCN for the trade unions.

The meeting brought together about 16 participants consisting largely of ATUDN members, ITUC-Africa programme staff and sub-regional trade union representatives.

During 2 days, the partcipants at this meeting had reported and evaluated the implemented 2017-18 Africa Trade Union Development Network activities. The participants also adopted the work plan and map out implementation responsibilities and were oriented on the use of the TUDCN monitoring template (country reports) for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and to prepare for the ATUDN’s participation at the Africa-EU summit.

At the end of the meeting some recommendations were made. Amond them we can note essentially

  • ATUDN should begin to do work on the AU Agenda 2063
  • It was agreed that work on research on Blended-finance will commence with the mapping of such projects and that immediately after the mapping, three countries in Africa will be selected for the study
  • ATUDN should formalise its working relationship with the Africa Union and UNECA and also fight for the attainment of the ECOSOCC status.

ATUDN is an initiative of ITUC-Africa that brings together affiliated trade union organisations, the solidarity support organisations (SSO) and the representatives of the ITUC sub-regional organisations. The network’s objective is to bring the trade union perspective into the development policy debates at global, regional, sub-regional and national level and improve the coordination and effectiveness of trade union development cooperation activities.

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