NLC PRESS STATEMENT : Check this descent to anarchy

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The show of shame going on in the Rivers State House of Assembly calls for the condemnation of all well-meaning Nigerians. The Congress condemns this perfidy in the strongest terms as its implication questions not just the eligibility of some legislators, but the commitment of the political class to the sustainability of democracy in the country.

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While it is inconceivable and ridiculous in a democracy that five members of the House of Assembly would contemplate impeaching a Speaker who enjoys the support of twenty six other members, more shameful are the tactics employed by the combatants in their desperation for power.

Further disturbing, if not disgusting was a pliant and sheepish police that ostensibly acted helplessly rather than intervene decisively as their duty demands to maintain order and peace by carting away or arresting trouble makers at the scene of the mayhem. For their lack of professionalism at the spot, the victims of this irrational and insane act of legislators and hooligans are lying in hospital with various degrees of injury, and the state soon enough could be caught in an orgy of violence and bloodletting.

The Nigeria Police should hide its face in shame for not rendering service to the sovereign nation or its people but availing itself to be complicit with reckless politicians who want to destroy our hard earned democracy.

We call on the National Assembly to look beyond rushing to take over the affairs of the Rivers State House of Assembly, which by law it has the mandate, but be more creative in finding sustainable ways of ensuring that the prevailing disgrace and descent to anomy in the state is mutually resolved for the sake of peace and security of the people.

It is not helpful or sufficient for the Presidency to continuously deny the stoking of crisis in Rivers state. The travails of the Rivers State Governor, Mr. Rotimi Ameachi in recent times and the reaction of stalwarts in government and the ruling party are apparent indicators that the Presidency cannot absolve itself from the crisis in the state.
The threat to withdraw security to the Governor, which is guaranteed by the Constitution, and the sour relationship between Mr. Amaechi and the state Commissioner of Police, whom he has called for redeployment and the request turned down, are clear pointers to the complicity of the Federal Government in the catastrophe in Rivers State.

It is inconceivable for the Chief Security officer, which is the Governor, not to enjoy respect and be so helpless in the hands of a Commissioner of Police. Adequate security to the Governor and good relationship with the Police Commissioner is fundamental to peace in the state, and anything contrary is encouraging a descent to anarchy and chaos, which may well conflagrate beyond the confines of the state.

We call on the President to look beyond the narrow prism of power and partisan politics and ensure that peace and harmony returns to Rivers state by redeploying the Commissioner of police and displaying exemplary statesmanship by discouraging all attempts to frustrate the Governor in his duties.

Congress will always remain on the side of enhancing and sustaining democracy, and will resist impunity and call on workers in Rivers State to be vigilant and not allow the state to be plunged into anarchy and chaos.

Abdulwahed Omar


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