Press review of february 2017 on migration in West Africa

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How Nigerian, other migrant entrepreneurs are a force for good in South Africa – Study
Contrary to widespread belief in South Africa that Nigerians and other migrants take their jobs, a study has shown that such migrants indeed help in creating employment opportunities for natives and non-natives alike. Read more

Could African migrants hold clue to our unhealthy diets?
Researchers are investigating the social changes that drive people to adopt unhealthier diets, by observing families in Ghana who migrate to cities from rural areas. Read more

Nigeria: Swiss harness power of Nollywood for anti-migration campaign
The Swiss government is funding a Nigerian television series to show potential migrants the difficulties of emigrating illegally to Switzerland. The series, called Missing Steps, came out of a 2011 migration agreement between the two countries which saw Nigeria pledge to help citizens who want to voluntarily return to the African nation. The story follows a Nigerian man who comes to Switzerland and realizes that life isn’t as good as he thought it would be. Read more

Ghana: NPP pro-poor policies will reduce ‘north-south’ migration rate – Minister
The Upper East Regional Minister, Rockson Bukari Ayine has said that the New Patriotic Party government will address the high rate of migration of youth from the region to southern Ghana in search of greener pastures with its social intervention policies. According to him, unemployment is the cause of migration of the youth who end up with menial jobs in the south. Read more

The Gambia - Backway: There is need to improve laws related to illegal migration
This article aims to explore the reasons why illegal migration from The Gambia - locally known as Taking the ‘Backway’ - is an increasingly common phenomenon for many young Gambians. This article will firstly examine the economic and social conditions in which many youths in The Gambia find themselves in, and will argue that these are the driving forces behind young men and women taking the Backway. Secondly, it will explore the negative impact that the migration has on the individuals themselves, and also on The Gambia as a whole. Thirdly, it will evaluate the legal measures taken to address this issue, and assess their effectiveness. Finally, it will suggest potential avenues for improving the laws related to illegal migration. Read more

Ghanaian migrant commits suicide in Malta
Frederick Ofosu, 33, was found strangled with an electric cable in a Qawra building site on Saturday night. He left a recorded message for friends explaining his despair, saying he was being forced to feel like a criminal when he had done no wrong, according to Ahmed Bugri, director for the Foundation for Shelter and Support for Migrants. Read more

How We Suffered in Libya – Nigerian Returnees Share Chilling Tales of Rape, Torture
Nigerian returnees from Libya have revealed how their search for financial freedom and a better life turned into a nightmare for them. Read more

A move to beautiful Africa
There are a growing number of young professionals choosing to move to Africa after acquiring skills in the U.S. or the U.K. One of these professionals is DJ Kobby, who moved to Africa after attaining two degrees in London. Read more

Young Ghanaians risk all for “better” life
Some migrate within Africa while others take the risky route to Europe. Kofi Twum made that trip years ago. He was only 18 and had lost his father at an early age. His mother, a subsistence farmer, became the sole breadwinner of the family. When Twum completed junior secondary school, he hawked yams to help his mother. But their living conditions worsened and Twum, fifth among six children, felt the need to work elsewhere. Read more

Gambia: $12m initiative launched to boost Gambia entrepreneurship, jobs
The government of the Gambia, the European Union (EU), and the International Trade Centre (ITC) have launched a EUR11 million (US$11.8 million) project aimed at supporting entrepreneurship and job creation in the Gambia over the next four years.The Gambia Youth Empowerment Project aims to address the root causes of the high levels of irregular migration from the Gambia, particularly by young people leaving the country.Read more

Ghana among top five African countries with immigrants in US
Ghana is part of the top five African countries with the highest number of immigrants in the US, a new report from Pew Research Center analysis of the US Census Bureau has said. Read more

Nigeria: How Strong Family Ties Play a Role in Sex Trafficking
Discussions about human trafficking between Africa and Europe are frequently blurred by generalisations about villainous traffickers and their naïve young victims who have been misled into prostitution. But the world of sex trafficking is far more complex. Read more

Ghana: Taking the untrodden path
Despite countless warning by state agencies such as the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) and the Labour Department about fraudulent advertisements for job opportunities in various countries, including the Middle East, and testimonies by victims, many Ghanaians, particularly females, fly out of the country with illegitimate documentation on daily basis. Read more

African churches advocate justice, rights intervention for migrants
Churches in Action for Peace and Development (CAPAD), at a special consultation on migration, especially as it affects the African continent, has developed strategies for tackling issues of justice, advocacy and peace. It is in the effort to engage matters relating to migration, in the face of recent global concern on the increasing devastating consequences of irregular migration. Read more

Samir ABI
West African Observatory on Migrations

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