The 4th year of the TUDCN program to be dedicated to address its weaknesses and those of the unions in the target countries

19 - 23 February 2017 Brussels, BELGIUM
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The third cycle the Trade Union Network for Development Cooperation (TUDCN) program, financed by the European Union, is able to contribute to the development of the trade union network throughout the world.

March 15

A training workshop was organised by the ITUC for the benefit its global and regional structures (Latin America, Africa and Asia-Pacific) and its affiliates at national level and was held in Brussels from 19 to 23 February 2017.

Two experts from the European Union provided the training with the aim to strengthen, on the one hand, the link between the study on the situation of trade union organizations, initiated by ITUC - Africa through its research institute (ALREI) and on the other to underline the organizational and capacity building component of the TUDCN program.

This training workshop also helped strengthen the capacity of the members of the TUDCN network by integrating the "organizing / capacity building" programs that are important components of the ITUC-Africa strategic plan.
The current phase of the program is devoted to finding solutions to the mishaps or weaknesses identified at the start of the program.

Among the mishaps are the weak participation of trade unions in social dialogue forums; the weak representativeness of trade union organizations in developing countries and the lack of awareness of trade unions in ILO initiatives.
24 participants, including the global TUDCN program coordinators, regional coordinators, program management team members and members of the ITUC-Africa financial department attended this training session.

The training session did meet to the expectations of the participants and enabled them to become conversant with the rules, procedures and requirements in the context of efficient management of funding programs.

It should be noted that the current program will end in May 2017 and a new program will have to start from June 2017 to 2020 with the hope that an annual evaluation at the global level can be institutionalized to enable better monitoring of actions and results in the running of the program.

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