Zingiswa Losi (COSATU) taking the floor in the SDG5 session at HLPF 2022

"We will be able to achieve #SDG5 only when women will have equal access to decent work"

Thusang Butale (BFTU Botswana) speaking at the VNR session of the HLPF 2022

In the face of the grim reality of #Botswana🇧🇼, trade unions are redoubling their efforts to help bring the country closer to the #2030Agenda targets. 👏✊ An important reality check by Botswana Federation of Trade Unions General SecretaryThusang Butale during the Voluntary National Review of the Government at the #HLPF2022
#timefor8 ITUC-Africa / CSI-Afrique United Nations in Botswana The Southern Africa Coordination Council - Satucc

HLPF2022 Omar VNR Somalia 2022
HLPF 2022 Omar Faruk HLPF SDG15
Anne-Cécile Coly (UNSAS Senegal) speaking in Senegal’s VNR at HLPF 2022
HLPF 2022 Anne Cecile CSO partnerships
Trade Union Youth Policy in Africa
Youth and Human and Labour Rights
Occupational Safety and Health Advocacy in the context of Covid 19
#timefor8 – Zambia – Msg Sec Gen ZCTU
#timefor8 – Zimbabwe – Msg Sec Gen ZCTU
#timefor8 – Dr Trywell
#timefor8 – Msg Mamadou Diallo
A trade union focus on the SDGs
Focus syndical sur les ODD
#timefor8 – Zambia – Worker testimony
#timefor8 – Namibia – Msg Sec Gen TUCNA
#timefor8 – Tchad – Msg Sec Gen Oil Sector
#timeFor8 Tchad - Msg trvailleuse 2
#timeFor8 Tchad- Msg travailleuse
#timeFor8 Benin - Msg Anselme Amoussou

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#timeFor8 Benin - Msg Victorin A. Dako

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#timeFor8 Tchad - Msg Charfa Brahim
#timeFor8 Uganda - Msg Peter Werike
#Timefor8 in SA - health worker
Dr Ayuba Wabba, on the nuclear weapons prohibition treaty
#timefor8 in Somalia - Msg Omar Faruk
#timefor8 Senegal - Msg Nafissa Samb
#timefor8 Senegal - Msg Marie Thiam
#timefor8 – Burkina Faso – Msg SG FSC
WDDW 2020

Message by Kwasi ADU-AMANKWAH (General Secretary ITUC-Africa) on World Day for Decent Work

World Teachers Day message from ITUC-Africa to EI Africa

Message by Kwasi ADU-AMANKWAH (General Secretary ITUC-Africa) to EDUCATION INTERNATIONAL Africa on World Teachers Day

Social dialogue in East Africa
#timefor8 Burkina Faso - SG CST
ITUC-Africa / FES Climate Change Animation

An African animation on the causes of Climate Change with distinct examples of climate impacts across Africa. The 8-minutes video can be used for educational and sensitization purposes.

Migration sûre, ordonnée et régulière /Safe, Orderly and Regular migration
Educational video on ILLICIT FINANCIAL FLOWS from AFRICA produced by ITUC-Africa

ITUC-Africa is carrying out a number of educational campaigns to get African audiences aware of how multi-national corporations are syphoning capital from the continent through tax evasion and tax avoidance (e.g. using tax havens to shelter profits). These activities contribute significantly to loss of revenue which otherwise could be harnessed to improve access to education, health care, potable water and other infrastructure for accelerated growth.

Les femmes défenseuses des droits humains s’opposent à l’extractivisme et au pouvoir des entreprises
Women Human Rights Defenders Confronting Extractive Industries and Corporate Power
ECOWAS on taxation
NLC pdt, cmde Ayuba Wabba on Public Service Day, Abuja, 23 june 2017
Public Service Day- 23 June 2017, Adress by NLC president, cmde Ayuba Wabba
Nana Koomah, President of ITUC youth committee
TUC Ghana Young Workers on Africa Day
Joel ODIGIE, HTUR Coordinator - ITUC-africa, on the Issue with RIGHT to ORGANISE in LIBERIA
GS of ITUC-Africa, Kwasi Adu-Amankwah on IWD 2017
NYS 2017 : Stop illicit financial flows for a structural transformation of Africa
Social Protection : What are the challenges for Unions in Africa ? Interview with the GS
Press conference Kwasi Adu Amankwah, GS of ITUC Africa
NYS 2013 Interview Pdt Mody Guiro
NYS 2013 Ouverture