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The African Regional Organisation of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC-Africa, is inviting dedicated consultants to conduct a comprehensive capacity development on “Strengthening Financial and Administrative Management of projects”.

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About ITUC-Africa:
ITUC-Africa was formed in November 2007 through the merger of ICFTU-Afro and DOAWTU, two prominent African trade union organizations. With a membership of 17 million workers and 106 affiliated trade union centres in 52 African countries, ITUC-Africa stands as a unified force in advocating for the rights and well-being of workers. Our headquarters secretariat, led by General Secretary Kwasi Adu-Amankwah, is located in Lome, Togo.

Aims & Objectives:
At ITUC-Africa, our ultimate aim is to create a world where full productive and decent employment becomes a reality, discrimination is eradicated, and social security is extended to all. We are committed to improving working and living conditions, elevating workers’ standards of living, and establishing robust, democratic, and influential trade unions at all levels. Additionally, we strive for the recognition and application of trade union rights, international solidarity, and the protection of labour organizations against oppressive forces.

Vision & Mission:
Our vision is to achieve a united, democratic, and independent regional trade union organization that tirelessly works for the welfare of African workers. We envision a world where every individual can unlock their full potential, experiencing freedom, equality, and social justice. To fulfil this vision, our mission is to strengthen trade unions in Africa, providing a unified voice for all African workers. We are dedicated to creating a healthy and safe working environment, combating exploitation and discrimination, defending human and trade union rights, promoting social justice, peace, democracy, and preserving the environment.

Focus of the capacity development support:
ITUC-Africa recognizes the need to enhance our financial, administrative, and grants management systems and procedures. We seek to strengthen our capacity to effectively govern donor projects, manage projects based on results, comply with agreement conditions, and promote an anti-corruption culture. This capacity development support will enable ITUC- Africa to attract donor funding and prudently manage donor-funded projects.

As a consultant, your role will be to provide technical support to enhance financial and administrative procedures at ITUC-Africa. The following specific tasks and objectives will guide your evaluation:

1. Review the ITUC-Africa organisational structure, administrative and financial policies, identify and address the gaps with the aim of ascertaining their efficacy in fostering a culture of efficiency and effectiveness in delivering the mandate of the organisation.

2. Increase and improve knowledge on compliance with agreement conditions set by donors (i.e. Union to Union, SIDA, and the Swedish Embassy).

3. Improve the compliance chain to national and local partners receiving funding from ITUC-Africa, ensuring they understand, have the capacity, and conform to donor conditions.

4. Enhance ITUC-Africa’s monitoring of partner activities through organizational assessments, spot-checks, visits, and regular communication. Develop procedures for effective project monitoring.

5. Facilitate the effective integration of ITUC-Africa’s Finance Unit into project management, defining their role in financial follow-up and support to project teams.

6. Define the roles and mandates of project coordinators in terms of budget decisions, fund handling, and purchasing of services and materials. Ensure integration between project coordinators and the Finance Unit.

7. Develop project budgeting with a focus on cost-recovery, cost-efficiency, and cost-ratios, providing increased clarity.

8. Improve the provision of regular budget follow-ups, spend reports, balances, and financial forecasts.

9. Gain an understanding of accounting, exchange rate calculations, fluctuations, and their impact on the project.

10. Review and update the 2009 “Administrative, financial and accounting management procedures manual” to ensure it takes account of Union to Unions agreement conditions.

11. Develop an anti-corruption policy, code of conduct and complaints mechanism as well as a plan on how to implement these instruments.

12. Train the relevant ITUC-Africa staff on the system and procedure changes.

Requirement of consultants
The contracted consultancies will have the following expertise:

1. Documented experience of supporting Non-State Actor organisations on the compliance and financial controls, linked to international donors.

2. Solid experience in financial project management within the non-profit sector: The consultant should have a proven track record in managing financial aspects of projects within the non- profit sector. Experience in handling budgets, financial reporting, and compliance with donor requirements is crucial.

3. In-depth understanding of compliance to agreement conditions in the aid sector: The consultant should possess comprehensive knowledge of compliance requirements in the context of agreements with international donors. Familiarity with establishing internal controls and procedures to ensure adherence to conditions and promote prudent financial management is essential.

4. Experience advising and supporting capacity building in project management: The consultant should have prior experience in providing guidance and support for capacity building initiatives, specifically in the area of project management. This includes expertise in designing and implementing strategies to enhance project effectiveness and results-based management.

5. Communication - Proficiency in spoken and written English and French for communication will be an added advantage.

6. Documented experience supporting civil society organizations on compliance and financial controls: The consultant should have a documented track record of providing support and guidance to civil society organizations in matters related to compliance and financial controls, particularly in the context of working with international donors.

7. In addition to the qualifications mentioned earlier, having an MBA (Master of Business
Administration) or a similar advanced degree in finance, accounting, or a related field would be considered advantageous for this consultancy assignment.

Applicants interested in this consultancy opportunity are required to submit a tender outlining their proposed process and work plan, along with a cost estimate. The selection of consultants will be based on their qualifications, experience, and ability to meet the needs outlined in the terms of reference. The decision on the preferred consultant(s) is the exclusive preserve of the contracting organisation.

Applicants interested in the evaluation consultancy opportunity with ITUC-Africa should prepare a comprehensive application package consisting of a cover letter and a CV. The cover letter and CV should be sent to the following address:

The General Secretary
ITUC-Africa / CSI-Afrique Route internationale d’Atakpamé Centre FOPADESC Agoè-Zongo LOMÉ - TOGO
Phone: +228 22 25 03 90

When submitting the application, ensure that the cover letter clearly highlights your relevant qualifications, experiences, and skills related to the evaluation consultancy. The CV should provide a detailed overview of your professional background, educational qualifications, previous consultancy experience, and any specific expertise in financial project management, compliance, and capacity building within the non-profit sector. Good luck with your application!

Deadline for the submission: 26 June 2023

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