Condemnation of Coup d’etat and Call for the Restoration of Constitutional Democracy in Niger

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The African Regional Organisation of the International Trade Union Confederation - Africa (ITUC-Africa:, condemns the recent military coup that led to the forceful change of power in Niger. We reject this power grab by the military and call on them to retrace their steps and restore constitutional order.

IN PDF / Condemnation of coup d’etat in Niger

ITUC-Africa believes in multi-party democracy that is also participatory as the foundation for peaceful and inclusive national development. We are troubled by the increasing prevalence of coups in West Africa that undermine the principles and institutions of democracy and erode the rights and freedoms of citizens. The recent insecurity situation in the region is being exploited to topple civil rule, and we implore all stakeholders to work together to confront and defeat this dangerous trend.

The current state of insecurity in the region poses a significant threat to workers and the well-being of communities and nations. It is now more critical than ever to unite and collaborate to address this menace. We call on all parties to prioritize citizens’ safety and security and seek peaceful and democratic solutions to the challenges facing the region.

Again. ITUC-Africa is deeply concerned about the socio-economic hardships many constituents and constituencies face. The absence of tangible dividends of democracy can lead to disillusion, apathy and a lack of willingness to defend democratic values. We strongly urge the political class to prioritize the fight against corruption, aggrandizement and crass wealth accumulation. Further. austerity measures that harm workers, households, people experiencing poverty, and communities must be reconsidered, particularly during the global economic crisis. We encourage African governments and the African Union to come together in a solemn session to discuss and agree on effective strategies to combat these recurring issues.

ITUC-Africa remains steadfast in its commitment to participatory and multiparty democracy, human rights and the well-being of workers and communities in the region. We urge the military in Niger to return to the path of constitutional democracy, ensuring that the voices of its citizens are heard and respected.

Kwasi Adu-Amankwah
General Secretary, ITUC-Africa

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