Geneva hosted the 2023 World of Work Summit on Social Justice for All

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From 14 to 15 June, the Palais des Nations in Geneva hosted the 1st World of Work Summit on Social Justice. The central theme of this high-level summit, which brought together speakers from around the world, was "Social Justice for All" and focused on the importance of strengthening collective action and working towards greater social justice.

Some twenty Heads of State and Government and high-level personalities, including the Director-General of the ILO, representatives of the United Nations and international organisations, as well as employers’ and workers’ organizations, participated in this event, which was organised in the framework of the 111th session of the International Labour Conference. The Secretary General of the United Nations, António Guterres, was among those who spoke at the opening of the summit.

This global summit provided a platform for in-depth discussions on social justice and how to promote stronger and more coordinated collective action to advance this crucial objective.

The main issues at the centre of the debates included the following:
Tackling inequality and informality while promoting social inclusion: The participants discussed the need to reduce economic and social inequalities, to combat informal work and to promote a greater degree of inclusion in the world of work.

Promoting equal opportunities and full, productive, and freely chosen employment: To ensure equal opportunities and create productive and quality jobs for all, issues related to education, lifelong learning and skills development were discussed.

Employment and Social Protection for Just Transitions: Participants discussed ways to ensure just transitions for workers, focusing on sustainable employment and social protection in times of economic and technological change.

Trade, employment, and sustainable development: Advancing human and labour rights: Discussions focused on how to reconcile international trade and sustainable development with respect for human and labour rights in order to create fairer and more sustainable economies.

In addition to in-depth debates, the Summit aimed to secure concrete political commitments from participants. The results of the two days of discussions and political commitments provided valuable guidance for the creation of the Global Coalition for Social Justice and the Advancement of the Sustainable Development Goals, supported by the Director-General of the ILO.
"We have a unique opportunity to change the course of history and tip the scales in favour of #SocialJusticeForAll. We have set our sights on the prize: a world where everyone can fulfil their potential and enjoy the benefits of economic and social progress." said Gilbert Houngbo, ILO Director-General.

By recognising the centrality of social justice and expressing the political will to intensify and coordinate efforts to achieve it, this Summit aims to place social justice on the agenda of future world events and to integrate it into the post-2030 global development agenda.

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