ITF commits support for fossil-fuel-free city streets by 2030

13 September 2018 Keywords : Climate Change And Environment Declarations

The International Transport Worker’s Federation (ITF) general secretary has given details of how the federation, and the 20 million workers it represents, will support a declaration to create zero-emissions cities by 2030.

ITF statement on Green and Healthy Streets.pdf

Stephen Cotton launched the ‘ITF statement on Green & Healthy Streets: transitioning to zero emission transport’ at the Global Climate Action Summit, in San Francisco, USA.
The statement is in support of the Green and Healthy Streets Declaration by the C40 cities.
Stephen Cotton said: “The ITF and its affiliates are ready to support the declaration in real and tangible ways. We recognise that if we act now and act together, dangerous climate change can be averted. That’s why the ITF is here at GCAS making the case for massively expanding public transport now.”
In the statement the ITF and its affiliates commit to supporting the Declaration by:
• Working in partnerships with mayors and cities to ensure that the transition to fossil-fuel-free streets is a just transition that creates decent jobs, reduces inequality, and drives inclusion and improvements in the lives of working class and low-income people.
• Building partnerships with mayors and city authorities to develop and integrate just transition plans that drive decent work and social action, including labour impact assessments, safeguards and job targets for men and women workers.
• Mobilising workers knowledge and skills to shape and enhance the supportive actions needed to meet the commitments in the Declaration.
• Working in partnerships with mayors and city authorities to deliver a just transition to zero emission buses, including developing plans for relevant worker training.
Further information
The ‘ITF statement on Green & Healthy Streets: transitioning to zero emission transport’ can be found here:
These cities have committed to the C40 declaration: Accra; Athens; Barcelona; Bridgeport (Connecticut); Buenos Aires; Cape Town; Chicago; Denver; Durban; Guadalajara; Hong Kong, China; Houston; Johannesburg; Los Angeles; Medellin; Mexico City; Milan; Montreal; New York City; Paris; Philadelphia; Salt Lake City; San Francisco; Santiago; Seattle; Sydney; Tel Aviv; Tokyo; Toronto; Washington DC.
The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) creates borderless solidarity among transport workers in every corner of the globe. We support 670 affiliate trade unions in 140 countries, representing 19.7 million workers.
C40 is a network of the world’s megacities committed to addressing climate change. C40 supports cities to collaborate effectively, share knowledge and drive meaningful, measurable and sustainable action on climate change.
Media contact:
Andy Khan-Gordon, ITF communications officer. Call / SMS / WhatsApp: +44 7711 356 964. Email:

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