ITUC-Africa shared workers Concerns Arising from Recent Events in Niger

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The recent coup d’état in Niger has caused great worry among African workers and residents alike since it strikes at the very heart of Africa’s democratic aspirations and the pursuit of social justice. The African regional organization of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC-Africa) has taken a proactive stance in addressing this critical issue, shedding light on the sentiments of African workers through an opinion survey conducted in August 2023.

The survey, entitled "Opinion survey on the recent events in Niger and the concerns of African workers," reveals essential insights into the perspectives of African workers regarding the military coup in Niger and its potential ramifications for regional stability and democracy. Presented during a press conference in Dakar on September 1, 2023, these findings have far-reaching implications for both the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and the broader African community.

Diplomacy Over Military Intervention
One of the most significant takeaways from the survey is the overwhelming support for diplomacy over military intervention. African workers unwavering in their conviction that diplomatic efforts to mediate a peaceful solution to the Niger problem are the best course of action.
The principle of diplomatic resolution aligns with ITUC-Africa values and It is imperative to prioritize a peaceful approach to safeguard the lives and livelihoods of citizens while ensuring the protection of democratic principles.

Mitigating Spillover Effects

The survey results also highlight the potential spillover effects that could result from hasty military intervention. With neighboring Mali and Burkina Faso issuing counter-threats in response to the situation in Niger, the need for a cautious and balanced approach cannot be overstated. Rapid, ill-conceived decisions could exacerbate regional tensions and further complicate an already fragile situation.

Promoting People-Centered Governance and Defending Democratic Values

The survey’s findings reiterate the call for people-centered governance and the defense of democratic values. ITUC-Africa understand that stability and democratic participation are inextricably linked. To strengthen citizen confidence, it is imperative that constitutional integrity and democratic principles be upheld.

As champions of social justice and human rights, ITUC-Africa underscores the importance of defending democratic institutions and processes. African workers believe that inclusive, transparent governance is the bedrock upon which peace and prosperity can thrive.
African workers have spoken loud and clear through the ITUC-Africa survey: diplomacy must prevail over military intervention, spillover effects must be carefully considered, and people-centered governance and democratic values must be upheld.

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