Mody Guiro: renewed confidence

17 - 18 November 2018 Dakar, Senegal
Keywords : Senegal Organising And Workers Empowerment - Trade Union Unity

The 11th Confederal Congress of the National Confederation of Workers of Senegal (CNTS), was held on 17 and 18 November in Dakar Senegal.

At least 2,000 delegates and guests gathered at the Grand Théâtre National de Dakar attended the re-election of comrade Mody Guiro unanimously acclaimed by all the workers represented by the organization.

A victory legitimized by the positive results of the different actions carried out by the CNTS during the previous mandate at the local, national, regional and international levels. Results that keep the CNTS at the forefront of the Senegalese social chessboard.

Delegates gathered around the theme "The Future of Work and the Future of Trade Unions" were among others, the union leaders of the basic organizations of the CNTS, the members of the regional offices of the CNTS, the members of the women’s committee and the Youth Committee of CNTS. Union leaders from Africa, Asia, Europe and America also made the trip to show their solidarity to their fellow CNTS. A delegation of the ITUC-Africa headed by its Secretary General Comrade Kwasi Adu-Amankwah and Comrade Mamadou Diallo representative of the ITUC were also present.

This conference was also an opportunity for the CNTS to award an honorable distinction to Mr. Makhtar Cissé, General Manager of the National Electricity Company (SENELEC), an action for workers to appreciate the efforts made by this employer to establish within his community a social climate based on trust and the general interest. This recognition was also an opportunity to encourage other leaders of public, parastatal and private companies to learn from the example of the latter.

It should be noted that a workshop on union communication, a colloquium of the National Committee of Women Workers on the informal sector, a national forum of youth workers on youth employment in Africa and a round table on the Global Compact on Migration were organized as a prelude to the congress.

CNTS is a strong organization with 105 affiliated organizations and a membership of at least 100,000

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