Nigeria: Mass killings of innocent and defenceless citizens: Time to halt and reverse this trend

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ITUC-Africa has learnt with deep shock about the heinous massacre of the Catholic faithful that took place on Sunday, 5th of June 2022, at Francis Xavier Catholic Church, Owo, in Ondo State, Nigeria. The killing of scores of innocent people with numerous others sustaining injuries is barbaric, cold and has no place in our society. We denounce this conscienceless and cowardly act and demand that the perpetrators be brought to justice.

We commiserate with the families, friends who have lost their dear ones, the Catholic Church, the Ondo State and the entire government of Nigeria for this uncouth incident and the loss of innocent lives. Our hearts also go to the survivors of this atrocious act. We wish them quick recovery and the restoration of faith in humanity.
ITUC-Africa calls upon the Ondo State and Federal governments to support the injured and the bereaved families holistically as they begin to heal from this traumatic act. We hope that the government will act swiftly in bringing the perpetrators of this sad criminal act to justice. The government must inspire hope amongst the citizenry that a secure Nigeria is possible.

As the country is bracing itself for the electoral season, we call upon the government of Nigeria to redouble its efforts in ensuring that safety, peace and security for people of all walks are guaranteed. The provision of these guarantees are the hallmark and prerequisites of democracy and development.

Violent insecurity is a direct threat to lives, living and livelihoods. It must be decisively and effectively contained. Therefore, ITUC-Africa calls upon all Nigerians to rally behind and support the government as it deals with this sad development and many other undesirable events that have taken place in Nigeria. Nigerians should never allow these criminal activities to divide them! In unity, Nigerians shall overcome all the adversities!

Kwasi Adu-Amankwah
General Secretary, ITUC Africa

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