Presentation of the Africa Trade Union Development Network (ATUDN)

Keywords : ATUDN

Project Title : Strengthening the Trade Union Regional and Global Networks (TUDCN) for a development paradigm based on social justice and sustainability

Project Summary

Global Project Goal To contribute to a development paradigm based on social justice and sustainability
Africa Project Goal To develop and strengthen the capacity of African trade unions for active engagement in the African development agenda in favour of economic structural transformation, employment creation and equitable economic development at the national, sub-regional and regional level.
Specific Objective To strengthen the capacity of African trade unions to influence development policies at national, sub-regional and regional level.
Name of Donor/Partner European Union and ITUC-Africa (With 80% and 20% funding respectively)
Project Duration Four Years


Project Outcomes

At the end of 4 years, it is expected that the project will help trade union centres in the 12 countries to achieve the following results :
Increased consciousness and understanding by trade unions on development issues beyond the scope of core trade union work.
Effective engagement in social dialogue with relevant and different institutions on development policies
Improved capacity to formulate trade union development policy positions
Effective participation of trade unions in development policy debates and monitoring their implementation
Improved and strengthened organisational competencies of trade unions
Consolidated networking of African trade unions on development policy/issues.


Geographic Coverage

The project will be implemented in 12 countries, divided up as follows :

West Africa : Nigeria, Togo, Ghana, Senegal and Burkina Faso.
Southern Africa : South Africa, Zambia, DRC
East Africa : Kenya
Central Africa : Chad and Congo Brazzaville
North Africa : Algeria


Project Coordination/Team

Responsibility Champion
Global Coordination TUDN Team – Brussels
ATUDN Project Leadership Deputy Secretary General
ATUDN Cordination Executive Director – ALREI
Project Implementation Policy Analyst
Communication Communication and IT Officer
Finances and Administration Finance Officer


Implementation Strategies

  1. Thematic research and policy analysis
  2. Education & Training workshops
  3. Network & Alliance building
  4. Regional/Sub-regional seminars
  5. Targeted lobbying and advocacy campaigns
  6. Information sharing and exchanges (through radio, social media, online and printed newsletters & other platforms)

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