Protest against the Arrest of Florence Ndlovu in Zimbabwe

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Protest against the Arrest of Florence Ndlovu in Zimbabwe

3rd June, 2011
O/R.: 375/2011/SG/RB

On-going arbitrary detention of Miss Florence Ndlovu – a Human Rights Activist for holding a workshop to discuss torture issues

In reference to a press release in the OBSERVATORY on 27th May 2011, concerning the detention of two Human Rights Activists in Zimbabwe – Florence Ndlovu and Walter Dube; ITUC-Africa joins in the protest to strongly condemn such unlawful acts.

Information reaching us shows that Ms. Florence Ndlovu and Mr. Walter Dube, Regional Coordinator and Paralegal Officer for Matabeleland province, respectively; were arrested and detained for three days without access to their attorneys.

This happened while they were carrying out their duties as Human Rights defenders, holding a workshop in a village to sensitize and raise the villagers’ awareness of torture and its effects.
On May, 26th, Walter Dube was released with summons pending further investigation, but Florence Ndlovu was still detained with charges of contravening Section 31 of the Criminal Law Act for allegedly ‘communicating law statements prejudicial to the State.’
ITUC-Africa highly condemns this action and asks that the authorities release Ms.Florence Ndlovu as she has pleaded not guilty to the alleged charges or be granted the right judicial procedure; a right to an attorney.

(She indicates that she only spoke about examples and scenarios of torture.)
We solicit to the Zimbabwean authorities to put an abrupt stop to all acts of harassments and intimidations on Human Rights defenders and allow them to operate in a free and conducive environment to effectively carry out their duties.

An urgent call for the Zimbabwean government to comply with all the ILO conventions as well as all Regional and International Instruments on Human Rights ratified by the country is strongly sent forth.

Issued from ITUC-Africa, Lomé-Togo on 3rd June, 2011.
Cc: The Zimbabwean Commissioner of Police

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