Provisional CAS list: prepare to engage at the ILC

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The provisional list for the 2019 International Labour Conference (ILC) cases to be discussed by the Committee on Application of Standards (CAS) is out (please see the document attached).

As part of the process of selection of the cases, the Workers’ Spokesperson and his Employers’ Spokesperson counterpart meet to negotiate the list of 40 cases. As you are aware, from March 20-22, 2019, the African regional ILC preparatory meeting held in Kigali, Rwanda and African workers’ group list was developed and fed into the global trade union process at a meeting that took place in Brussels, Belgium on the 24 April 2019. The global trade union meeting developed the workers’ group list that it used to negotiate with the Employers’ Spokesperson of the Committee on Application of Standards (CAS).

After the negotiation between the two parties, a provisional list of 40 cases has been agreed upon. The governments of the countries on the provisional list have been so informed and their responses have been requested.

From the provisional list of 40 cases, the Conference will discuss a final list of 24 cases after responses and feedbacks from the 40 countries have been collected and assessed.

Affiliates whose countries appear on the provisional list of 40 cases have been requested to adequately prepare to speak to the issues contained in the report as prepared by the Committee of Experts on the Application of Conventions and Recommendations (CEACR). The request for adequate preparation is anticipatory in the event that their countries make the final 24 cases.


For clarity, the 24 final (Short List) cases include the "Double Foot Note" cases already identified and selected by the Experts.

During the Conference (which will run from 10 – 21 June 2019), the working time table of the CAS will be made available for collection at the various distribution desks in the Palais du Congres and the ILO Building.

During the Conference, coordination meeting for the cases will be conducted. Affiliates and their delegates are urged to attend the coordination meeting. Essentially, the coordination meeting is to further prepare the cases to be discussed from the selected 24 "short list cases". Attendance of the Coordination meeting is important for delegates whose countries are on the short list of 24 cases.

Provisional List of 40 Cases for possible discussion by the Conference Committee on the Application of Standards out!

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