Soaring prices, floods, violation of workers’ rights: CSA announces march on September 30th 2021

Keywords : Senegal

The secretary general of the Confederation of Autonomous Trade Unions of Senegal (CSA) Élimane Diouf, announced this Monday, September 20, a large national march on September 30 with the aim to protest against the surge in consumer products, the repeated violations of workers’ rights, the floods.

"For the diligent handling of these claims, action is required. This is why the CSA calls for the unification of workers’ organizations in all sectors. We intend to initiate in the next two weeks a vast awareness campaign as well as a mobilization tour which will be crowned by a large national march scheduled for Thursday, September 30, "said Élimane Diouf, SG of the CSA.

He was speaking at a CSA press conference on the topic: "The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the world of work: the position of the CSA!" ". "The CSA will federate this march of September 30 to allow workers to say no to the increase in food prices, no to the way in which the floods are managed, not because my sector of activity does not was not handled well.

The CSA through this mobilization seeks to make the voice of all sectors of activity heard, "he said. There are many industries that have been assaulted, others have lost their jobs, others have been left for months with half wages. He points out that the health crisis has had a significant impact on the activity of industrial companies.
Indeed, 92.5% of the companies questioned declared having been impacted by Covid-19. In addition to all these miseries, there are the misdeeds of the floods, despite the din of billions brandished by the rulers. The last straw is the surge in consumer products noted for some time. At the same time, the SG of the CSA condemned the violations of workers’ rights, especially in certain public and parapublic companies (RTS, APS)

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